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Birds of Truth Competition. by RagemoreRoberts Birds of Truth Competition. by RagemoreRoberts
Hey guys, its been a white. Some of you might know, im part of an awesome group of assassins creed cosplayers called The Birds of Truth. Following a super successful competition we did at end of the year, we have come back with another one. You can find all the information on the birds of truth UK cosplay page.


***Attention Assassins***

This time we are getting personal, because this prize is beyond awesome. Last time around we let you all off easy with a simply sharing contest... this time you assassins are going to have to earn your prize. 

That prize being UK PS3 Buccaneer Edition of Assassins Creed IV

Terms of the contest, you sassy sassins are going to have to get artistic for us. We want..... 
Birds of Truth Fan Art of our "Through Time Assassins" ... touch of vanity we know... but we want this to go to someone who did more then just clicked a button and are fans of our page and Assassins Creed, after all thats what you are here for... not just prizes.. right... riiigght 

Fan art not of BoT Through Time Assassins will NOT qualify for the contest. 

We want to show off some of the amazing talented people we know are following us. Fan art can be of any medium, digital or traditional, drawn, photo manipulation, even written. 

You have till the 28th of February to submit your art.

You can submit your work through the page or by sending an email to:

Big thanks to Assassins Creed and Ubisoft for the prize. 

Best of luck to all, stay sassy.
~Flap Flap~
- BoT

Reference photos for The Through Time Assassins can be found here:

*** Anyone entering the contest acknowledges the game is rated 18+ in the UK and contestants entering must be in compliance with those rating standards.***

LOLCOMEDY Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
is the assasin pole dancing?
RagemoreRoberts Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Student Photographer
The statue? No. 
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February 2, 2014
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